One America Asset Care Review

One America Asset Care Hybrid policies (1-4) offer a unique line of products with several advantages over conventional long term care policies. One can even be funded with Qualified Money.

Here are some of the topics we will be covering in today’s review:

  1. One America Asset Care funding options.
  2. One America Asset Care Long Term Care Benefits.
  3. One America Asset Care Riders.
  4. One America Asset Care Joint Policies for Two Insureds (Patented).
  5. Guaranteed Premiums
  6. Return of Premium-Death Benefit-Cash Value Growth

1) So what is the difference between Asset Care 1-4?

For the most part, it’s how you want to fund it.

One America Asset Care Review

One America Asset Care Review

  • One America Asset Care 1 is a single premium whole life policy with long term care benefits. Cash or cash equivalents (Stocks, Money Market, CDs, Savings) can be used to fund this policy.
  • One America Asset Care 2 is a Non-Qualified Annuity which can be funded with 1035 exchange from existing annuities or life insurance.
  • One America Asset Care 3 is State Life’s truly unique product. One which allows you to use qualified money transferred from an IRA/Retirement Plan/Pension Plan or 401K to cover your long-term care needs. This transferred money then, like all Asset Care products, provides long term care, cash value accumulation, as well as death benefits. Your assets are being moved from one pocket to the other and will always show up on your balance sheet as an asset.
  •  One America Asset Care 4 is structured similarly to conventional long-term care. Asset Care 4 allows the policy owner to choose between Annual payments of 10 to 20 years. Great for working individuals who want to pay over time.

2) How Does State Life Asset Care payout its Long Term Care Benefits?

One America Asset Care Policy provides anywhere from 2%-4% of the policies death benefit per month in long term care benefits. These benefits can be apply towards

  • Assisted living
  • Nursing facility
  • Home health care.

State Life pay out based percentage is 2%, however for additional premium you can get the option to use 3% or 4% of the death benefit per insured.

How is One Americas Asset Care death benefits (LTC pool) determined?

Here’s an Example let’s take Asset Care 1 (Single Payment) for easy math.

Say you and your spouse purchase a joint policy and fund it with $125,000 in one payment. Immediately the death benefit is calculated to $250,000. So, assuming 2% Per Person. This equates to $5,000 per person per month. This immediately doubles your leverage and care purchasing power.

One America Asset Care Review

You also have the option to add Asset Cares Unlimited Benefits rider, which offers two different paths:

  • Double the Length of coverage, adding an additional 50 months for an additional $850 a year.
  • Unlimited Funds which come out to a Guaranteed premium of $1,200 a year (onetime payment available for both options). So then if you or your partner ever need long term care, you will have unlimited duration of funds to draw upon.

Here are the two Continuation of Benefits options are illustrated.

One America Asset Care Review

One America Asset Care Review

3) Here are One America Asset Care Unique Riders.

 One America Asset Care Plus Continuation Benefits rider: State life answer to limited death benefits funds to draw from, is Asset Care Plus. Which is a rider that can be funded in two options, initially in a single premium or with annual installments. Asset Care Continuation of Benefits rider provides the insured(s) unlimited benefit periods for long term care needs, which covers any risk of depleting your estate or fixed income assets you’ve acquired over a lifetime.

One America Asset Care Inflation Rider (IPR):Is a great way for clients to protect against the raising cost of qualifying long term care expenses. IPR premiums are guaranteed, only the insured policy owner may stop payments. There are four options to choose from 3% simple, 3% compound, 5% simple, 5% compound. Premiums can be paid up front or with annual installments.

One America Joint Life Option: One of the most distinguished benefits to the Asset Care policies is the joint life option. You and your partner can have a single policy covering both of your long-term care needs. No other carrier can do a joint long term care policy, since State Life has patented the joint second to die. Two insureds on the same policy leads to an increase in death benefits and since the death benefit is where the long-term care benefits are drawn from, it means more coverage for you and your partner.

4) One Americas Guaranteed Premiums

One of the most distinguished features of One Americas Asset Care plans are the guaranteed premiums. Just thirty years ago, almost every company offered long term care insurance, now we are down to just a handful of carriers. Of the companies that offer what is considered conventional/traditional long-term care insurance, none offer guaranteed premiums. What happened was people who purchased policies in the 1980’s and 1990’s had affordable premiums, soon all the carries began to increase their premiums. All policy holders were pushed into a corner, continue to pay the premiums with no knowledge of the next rate hike, or let their Long Term Care policy lapse and lose not only all the money they paid in, but also their coverage.

What Happens if I never Use my Asset Based Long Term Care?

Conventional long term care policies have premiums that are not guaranteed, and provide coverage as long as you continue to pay the premiums. In 2007 to 2008 the insurance companies realized that they had an upcoming problem because they did not project the premiums and lapse ratios correctly. Quickly they began to raise rates on policies over a certain age and this pushed premiums up to the point that was no longer affordable for most people which forced them to let their policies lapse after many years of paying into them. They never received premium back, or ever got to use their coverage.

State Life Asset Cares covers all of the short comings of conventional long term care.

You have

  • Return of Premium (all years)
  • Minimum 4% interest rate on life policy
  • Premium Guarantee
  • Cash Value Growth

If you Ever decide to surrender the policy, you can pull your cash out. If you never use your benefits, at the time of your passing, you beneficiary will receive the LTC funds (death benefit). It really is a tails you win, heads you tie situation. Your money is growing, your Long-Term Care needs are covered, and you have the added security of leaving behind a legacy. Not only this, but long term care insurance is one of the only ways protect your estate from increasing costs of health and medical care.

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