Overview of Asset Care

Single Payment

Non-Qualified Annuity or Life Insurance Roll Over

Annual Payments 10-20 years.

Single Premium-Annuity

Single Premium-Annuity

One America Asset and Annuity Care Products

One America offers some of the most competitive and unique products on the market. Over the last few decades we have seen more and more companies shift away from traditional long term care insurance policy’s. Now they pivoted moved towards “Asset Based” products. What is an Asset Based product? Well think of it as transfer of money, rather than simply paying premiums like you would on car insurance or conventional long term care insurance. With One Americas Asset based products we are able to fund your long term care insurance needs with numerous funding options including Qualified Money and Non Qualified Annuity’s, Single Premium Payments, 10-20 year annual installments, and even 1035 exchanges from existing policy’s.

Once the base contract is funded and established, you are given a specific death benefit which is your Long Term Care benefit Pool you can pull from.

Following this you are given a multitude of Riders to choose from Like

1) Inflation Protective 3%-4%-5%. Simple or Compound.

2) Unlimited Benefit Riders. Meaning your Limited Long Term Care pool is never depleted.

And More.

Product Reviews, Information, and Videos are linked above.