How is One America Annuity Care III Different?

One America Annuity Care III works for clients with large amounts of tax-qualified funds like 403(b)s, 401ks, IRAs. When these assets are not needed for Income during Retirement. Annuity Care III can act like an umbrella of protection for annuitants’ assets and estate. With the rising costs of Long-Term Care Insurance. This money can always be surrendered and called upon in a time of need.

Here are some specifications

One America Annuity Care III

One America Annuity Care III

How can I use Qualified money to fund my Annuity Care III?

This annuity allows you to take your qualified dollars, pay taxes on them, and move the proceeds into fixed interest deferred annuity that offers long term care benefits.

How long Can Annuity Care III Cover my pay Long Term Care Benefits?

One American Annuity Care III has 2 different payout periods for long term care.

  • Single Annuitant pays out for 24 months
  • Joint Annuitant pays out for 30 months

-Continuation of benefit rider: Some of our clients prefer to have lifetime benefits just in case. One America is aware of this and provides a rider that gives you two options to choose from.

The First option is to double your benefit period to 48 months for a single annuitant and 60 months for a joint policy.

The Second option is something called the unlimited benefit period. Meaning if you were to have a stroke at age 65 and needed home healthcare for 30 years, you and your family would be covered for indefinite care.

Well How much money can I put into Annuity Care III?

You will need to allocate a minimum of $40,000 to purchase this policy with a Maximum of $500,000.

I would like more information on Annuity Care III and similar products, where do I go?

You can feel free to fill out the Forum for Free Brochures

Or Contact Us with any questions