One America Annuity Care II

One America Annuity Care II is a single premium deferred annuity which accumulates cash value over time. In addition to its function as annuity, it can also be used to provide long term care.

This means a single payment or transfer of funds is allocated to an annuity that will begin to grow in value.

How can I pay for One America Annuity Care II

So you have a number of options to fund this Annuity, Like a CD or Cash Savings.

One America Annuity Care 2

One America Annuity Care II

How does One America Annuity Care II provide LTC Coverage?

Annuity Care II provides either 24 months(single) or 30 months(joint) of long term care expense coverage. Which allows you to access the funds Tax-Free for Long Term Care Expenses.

It also provides a Built-In Continuation of Benefits Rider. Which means once your annuity value is depleted from withdrawing funds for Long Term Care. The Rider kicks in and begins to pay your long term care expenses in periods of 3-6-9 years, depending on which option you choose.

You have a 90-day elimination period before you can start withdrawing these funds.

What other options do I have with this annuity?

Well a couple. You can add both an inflation protection and non-forfeiture options. Both are paid with a single premium up front.

Inflation protection allows you to keep pace with the rising cost of care.

How does this annuity acquire growth?

This annuity has a two-value growth. So, there are two things that grow simultaneously the (AV) or accumulated value, as well as (LTCAV) or Long-Term Care Accumulated Value. The LTCAV grows at a faster and higher interest rate than the AV. The reason being is the surrender value of the policy will grow steadily and competitively, while the LTCAV will acquire faster gains to increase the duration/monthly benefit of your policy.

Are there any Tax benefits?

All the monthly benefits withdrawn for Long Term Care needs, or the Continuation of benefits are Income Tax free .

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