February 2020

Securian SecureCare Policy Review


Securian SecureCare Review   Minnosota Life Ratings: Written By: Cliff Marshall A+ (Superior)  A.M Best Aa3 (Excellent) Moody’s AA (Very Strong) Fitch Minnesota Life, a subsidiary of Securian Financial, is offering one of the most competitive Hybrid Long Term Care policies on the market. Securian SecureCare is a Hybrid Long Term Care Policy, which consists of a few important parts: Below we will give a quick example, followed by further in depth analysis of 1-5 listed here. After that we will go into the technicals, further examples, and finally a Hybrid long term care comparison. [...]

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December 2019

What is Medicare?


What is Medicare? Medicare is a United States Government Health Insurance program for people over the age of 65. It also provides coverage for certain people with disabilities or end-stage renal disease. Medicare is categorized into 4 parts, below we will go over those parts together. Medicare Part A What is Medicare Part A? It’s simplest definition is Hospital Insurance. It assists in the cost of room and board in a hospital, skilled nursing facilities, hospice, and home health care. Not to be confused with a long term care policy. It does not cover things such as [...]

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March 2019

One America Annuity Care III


How is One America Annuity Care III Different? One America Annuity Care III works for clients with large amounts of tax-qualified funds like 403(b)s, 401ks, IRAs. When these assets are not needed for Income during Retirement. Annuity Care III can act like an umbrella of protection for annuitants’ assets and estate. With the rising costs of Long-Term Care Insurance. This money can always be surrendered and called upon in a time of need. Here are some specifications One America Annuity Care III How can I use Qualified money to fund my Annuity Care III? This annuity [...]

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January 2019

One America Asset Care Review


One America Asset Care Review A.M. Best OneAmerica A+ (2nd out of 16) Standard & Poors rates  AA- (4th out of 21) Cliff Marshall One America Asset Care offers a unique product with several key advantages over conventional long term care policies. These are: Multiple Funding Options: Including Qualified Money, IRA, Pension, 401(k), 403(B), Annuities, Single Premium Deposits, 5-10-20 Years Payment Plan, and even using a 1035 Exchange from an old policy. Joint Policy Option: One policy shared between you and your spouse. Guaranteed Premiums and Benefits: That are not subject to change. Optional Lifetime [...]

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