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June 2020

Lincoln MoneyGuard III


Lincoln MoneyGuard III Review Fitch A+ Moody's A1 Standard & Poor's AA- Cliff Marshall Lincoln MoneyGuard III is the replacement for Lincoln MoneyGuard II which left the marketplace on November 1, 2019. Lincoln Financial had to keep compliant with state insurance regulations and the shift to the new commissioners Standard Ordinary mortality tables. Lincoln Moneyguard III will be 5-18% more expensive than the previous policy depending on a number of factors. In the current market place Securian SecureCare & Nationwide CareMatters II are by enlarge more competitively priced policies. For those still interested in Learning [...]

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February 2020

Securian SecureCare Policy Review


Securian SecureCare Review   Minnosota Life Ratings: Written By: Cliff Marshall A+ (Superior)  A.M Best Aa3 (Excellent) Moody’s AA (Very Strong) Fitch Minnesota Life, a subsidiary of Securian Financial, is offering one of the most competitive Hybrid Long Term Care policies on the market. Securian SecureCare is a Hybrid Long Term Care Policy, which consists of a few important parts: Below we will give a quick example, followed by further in depth analysis of 1-5 listed here. After that we will go into the technicals, further examples, and finally a Hybrid long term care comparison. [...]

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January 2020

Nationwide CareMatters II


NationWide CareMatters II Cliff Marshall Author: Cliff Marshall What separates Nation Wide Care Matters II from other hybrid long term care policies?  Its Cash Indemnity: Which provides a significant edge over conventional Long Term Care Policies. A majority of Long Term Care policies are what we call "reimbursement policies", which means when you qualify for care, you send your monthly bills to the insurance company to be reimbursed for the cost of care. However with a Nationwide CareMatters IIs Cash Indemnity plan, the company writes you a predetermined check at the beginning of the month. [...]

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June 2019

Mutual of Omaha Long Term Care Insurance


Mutual of Omaha Long Term Care Insurance Mutual of Omaha (A+, AM Best) Mutual of Omaha long term care now offers two specific plans out of their Mutual Care Solutions Portfolio: Secure Solution which is a traditional plan Custom Solution can be tailored to fit you. In Terms of design-ability, Mutual of Omaha long term care policies are some of the most customizable policies on the market today.You are given numerous choices of different Benefit Periods, Joint Partner Policy, Elimination periods, and Inflation Protection Percentages. Mutual of Omaha long term care policies allow you the ability to [...]

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May 2019

Long Term Care Annuity


Long Term Care Annuity Long Term Care Annuities are at the forefront of the ever changing long term care field. As more and more people are planning their retirements. They are starting to see the missing leg in their Retirement Stool. Their guaranteed income is covered, their estate is as well, but what they are missing is the final leg. Long Term Care Insurance. A lot of us have had to deal with parents or grandparents needing assisted living. And lets just say, those who had coverage, had a much more pleasant experienced, than those who did [...]

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