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July 2020

Brighthouse SmartCare


Brighthouse SmartCare Review By: Cliff Marshall Brighthouse SmartCare is a hybrid long term care policy that provides protection through two different means. Like other hybrid long term care policies it works on a Index Universal Life Insurance chassis, with specific emphasis on Long Term Care Insurance Rider and Extension of Benefits Rider. If your Interested in a Individual Policy, Securian SecureCare is best for Cash Building and NationWide CareMatters II is best for maxing out your LTC benefits. These two are currently the most competitive Asset based long term care plans as of Summer/Fall 2020. [...]

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June 2020



By: Cliff Marshall Cliff Marshall "There are Dozens of A rated Annuity Companies, and we represent them all. Feel Free to Contact Us if you would like to explore your options or request proposals. Our Software Compares all the Carriers to find the Highest Returns & Best Guarantees."- Cliff Long Term Care Annuity: A Great No Medical Exam Option for Tax Free Long Term Care Pay, Growth, and Asset Protection. Fixed Annuities: These are fixed interest investments issued by insurance companies. They pay guaranteed rates of interest, typically higher than bank CDs, and you [...]


Lincoln MoneyGuard III


Lincoln MoneyGuard III Review Fitch A+ Moody's A1 Standard & Poor's AA- By: Cliff Marshall Lincoln MoneyGuard III is the replacement for Lincoln MoneyGuard II, which left the marketplace on November 1, 2019. Therefore Lincoln MoneyGuard III will be 20-30% more expensive than other plans, depending on a number of factors. If you're interested in an Individual Policy, we recommend NationWide CareMatters II or Securian SecureCare. Both are Cash Indemnity Plans and are currently the most competitively priced Hybrid Long Term Care Policies as of Summer/Fall 2020. Cash Indemnity Plans pay you a monthly cash [...]

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February 2020

Securian SecureCare Policy Review


Securian SecureCare Review   Minnosota Life Ratings: By: Cliff Marshall A+ (Superior)  A.M Best Aa3 (Excellent) Moody’s AA (Very Strong) Fitch Securian Financial  is now offering one of the most competitive Hybrid Asset Based Long Term Care policies on the market. Securian SecureCare is an Asset Based Long Term Care Policy, which will be discussed in depth throughout this post. Below we will give a quick example, followed by further in-depth analysis of the following five points. After that we will go into the technical, further examples of and finally an Asset Based Long Term [...]

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January 2020

Nationwide CareMatters II


NationWide CareMatters II Author: Cliff Marshall What separates Nationwide CareMatters II from other asset based long term care policies? Nationwide CareMatters II offers a “Cash Indemnity” plan which means it will pay you directly the monthly benefit of your plan that you cash to use for long term care as you see that works best for you. This includes home health care, assisted living facilities, nursing home care and even for a relative or friend to provide assistance. A majority of long term care policies are what are called “reimbursement policies.” This means when you [...]

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