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April 2019

One America Legacy Care


One America Legacy Care One America is a Legacy Care is a Single Premium Deferred Annuity. How does One America Legacy Care Annuity Build Value? Legacy Care has two-tiered interest rate credited to. First and foremost, the baseline interested rate, is Guaranteed. The Second is a competitive rate that is credited to the policy at the beginning of each year. One America Legacy Care For More Information Contact Us

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March 2019

One America Annuity Care III


How is One America Annuity Care III Different? One America Annuity Care III works for clients with large amounts of tax-qualified funds like 403(b)s, 401ks, IRAs. When these assets are not needed for Income during Retirement. Annuity Care III can act like an umbrella of protection for annuitants’ assets and estate. With the rising costs of Long-Term Care Insurance. This money can always be surrendered and called upon in a time of need. Here are some specifications One America Annuity Care III How can I use Qualified money to fund my Annuity Care III? This annuity [...]

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One America Annuity Care II


One America Annuity Care II One America Annuity Care II is a single premium deferred annuity which accumulates cash value over time. In addition to its function as annuity, it can also be used to provide long term care. This means a single payment or transfer of funds is allocated to an annuity that will begin to grow in value. How can I pay for One America Annuity Care II So you have a number of options to fund this Annuity, Like a CD or Cash Savings. One America Annuity Care II How does One [...]

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One America Annuity Care


One America Annuity Care Overview One America Annuity Care One America Annuity Care is a Single-Premium Deferred Annuity. Which allows the owner to access their cash for qualifying long-term care needs. Some questions surrounding One America Annuity Care: Who can purchase One America Annuity Care? Anyone (or joint spouse) in the age range of 50-85 will be able to apply for One Americas Annuity Care. What sort of Tax benefits can I get from Annuity Care? One America offers several Tax advantages for non-qualified premiums. Any and all LTC benefits from either the continuation rider [...]

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American General Quality of Life Review


American General Quality of Life Review America General Quality of Life is a specialty product only sold by a small selection of brokers through American Generals Nashville office. The American General Quality of Life Policy is unique in that it provides a Chronic Illness, Critical Illness, and Terminal Illness Rider. This allows you to access the cash value of the policy in the event of a heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, just to name a few. In the event of one of these illnesses, you file a claim to attain access to a portion of your death benefit [...]

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