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September 2020

Securian Update


New Securian SecureCare Pricing Updates in Indiana, Hawaii and New Jersey  We received notice today that effective October 10, 2020 Securian is increasing their rates for new business only in Indiana, Hawaii and New Jersey. Premiums are expected to increase on average by 13.5% for single payment plans, 10.5% for 5 and 7 year payment plans and 7% for 10 and 15 year payment plans. Any applications has to be received by Securian and in good order by 3:00pm central time to receive the old rates. Please feel free to reach out to us with any question [...]

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One America Annuity Care


One America Annuity Care Overview For Long Term Care Annuities we recommend Global Atlantic ForeCare. For Asset Based Long Term Care Policy's Securian SecureCare and Nationwide CareMatters II. By: Cliff Marshall One America Annuity Care is a single premium deferred fixed interest annuity that combines long-term asset growth and long-term care (LTC) benefits. You can use asset such as a CD or Cash to fund it, Or you can use qualified funds like a 401k/IRA Roll Over. How Does One America Annuity Care Work? Lets take a $100,000-60 Year Old Male- Single $100,000 IRA fund [...]

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Securian SecureCare Long Term Care


By: Cliff Marshall Full Securian SecureCare Review Click Here Secure SecureCare Updates Sept 11 2020. Below is a note we received from Securian this morning. Effective September 16th 2020 they will now start accepting applications for individuals age 71 to 75 for the SecureCare Long Term Care Plan. Give us a call at 512-637-6353 or feel free to contact us here to get a personalized proposal. Securian Financial continues to focus on delivering high levels of service, helping customers with their insurance needs and maintaining the company’s financial strength. Your support in delivering on this [...]

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One America Long Term Care


State Life Asset Care Joint Life Deep Dive By: Cliff Marshall State Lifes Asset Care, is a unique  asset based long term care policy which can cover two people under one single policy. For a quick overview, continue reading. For an In depth Review Click Here One America Asset Care. If you’re interested in an Individual Policy, we recommend NationWide CareMatters II or Securian SecureCare. Both are Cash Indemnity Plans and are currently the most competitively priced Hybrid Long Term Care Policies as of Summer/Fall 2020. Cash Indemnity Plans pay you a monthly cash stipend [...]

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Asset Based Long Term Care


Protecting Your Family & Your Retirement From a Long Term Care Event 1/7 people in the United States are Caregivers to either they’re immediate family, friends, or relatives. About 10% of the population has Long Term Care Insurance Yet 70% of those over the age of 65 will need long term care at some point in the future. By: Cliff Marshall We all have a different idea of what retirement looks like. You may have already planned and achieved your financial goals, but have you discussed the impacts an unexpected health event might have on [...]

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