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Why long term care planning is Important

Long Term Care Overview

  • Why Long Term Care planning is an important
  • When do I need Long Term Care
  • Types of Long Term Care
  • Cost of Long Term Care
  • Preserving your Assets
  • Impact on Family & Loved Ones

Why long term care planning is Important

At some point in their lives, many people can expect to require long term care. A chronic illness, disabling accident, or simple inability to perform daily activities like bathing or dressing can lead to costly care expenses, which may necessitate a loved one to provide care. Becoming a caregiver can impact their income, assets, and lifestyle, just as much as it impacts the person they’re caring for.

Long term care insurance can help cover future costs associated with these situations and protect assets and loved ones. There is a big difference between caring about your loved one and caring for your loved one.

You may need it at any point in your life, for any reason. Long term care refers to the scenario where you require assistance with at least two activities of daily living for at least 90 days or are diagnosed with a severe cognitive impairment. Buying long term care insurance when you’re healthy and younger allows it to be more affordable. People aged 65 and older have a 70% chance of needing some form of long term care or assistance in their remaining years, and an unfortunate diagnosis may limit coverage eligibility.

Types of Long Term Care

Home Health Care- Home care services allow you to live in your own home or return to your home and help manage tasks you can’t manage yourself

Facility care services- Facility care services include assisted living facilities which offer on site support for activities of daily living and nursing facilities which offer more intensive care related to patient supervision, therapies, rehabilitation, and medication.

Long Term Care

Long Term Care

Cost of Long Term Care

With medical and technological advances, we are living better, healthier and longer lives. It is because of this longevity that we might need someone to help take care of us later in life. Living a long life has become a reality. Planning for it has become a necessity since long term care is expensive and costs are expected to increase each year

Long Term Care

Long Term Care

Preserving your assets

Some people think they’ll need less income in retirement because their children are grown, and the mortgage might be paid in full. But they find that in reality, they want or need to spend about as much as they always did – except that now it’s on different things, including long term care costs. You’ve worked hard to build a nest egg to insure that you continue to lead a comfortable life, preparing now will help you protect your assets and give you the peace of mind you deserve if you and/or your spouse would need care.

Impact on Family

The physical, financial and emotional burden placed on an unpaid caregiver, often a family member, is something to be seriously considered when determining your long term care plans.

Long Term Care

Long Term Care

Cliff Marshall, CLTC

Cliff Marshall

In 1987 Cliff began his career at Mutual of New York as an life and disability insurance agent, where he worked with individuals and businesses on their insurance planning.

In 1995 he was promoted to be the Agency Manager of the San Antonio Branch. After a few years, Cliff missed the interactions and relationships he had built with his clients, and returned to production as an independent broker.

Over the last 32 years he has taken great pride in the work he does and fully understands the impact Long Term Care has on his clients and their families.

Over the years, clients have become friends, and are looked after as such.

By: Cliff Marshall

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